Walking Blind Into An Energy Crisis

A theme is emerging in the energy space. Oddly, it is not a theme focused on green energy. At this point it appears to be a theme focused on the energy squeeze that is right before us.

California to Build Temporary Gas Plants to Avoid Blackouts

Unplanned Outages Hit Texas

Electricity Prices Spike in Alberta

Bills Soar as Spain Approaches Record Electricity Prices

Two UK Energy Suppliers Collapse

UK Energy Bills to Rise After Record Wholesale Electricity Prices

German Power, Carbon Rise to Record on Soaring Gas Prices

Japan’s Surging Electricity Prices are a Warning For Asian Countries

Australia Energy Prices – The Story Behind Rising Costs

India – Spurt In Electricity Prices

China’s Coal Supply Crisis Means High Prices, Blackouts

Type in a country with the words electricity price spike into your Google search bar. A result pops up. Every country is experiencing record demand for electricity, but utility companies are not building power stations to match demand. The governments worldwide are quick to mask the problem by announcing green plans. The real problem is the Sun and wind are renewable, the infrastructure to catch that power is not. These plants wear out as fast as a Samsung fridge.

All of a sudden, in the last few weeks, a major surge has shown up.

The Uranium ETF is soaring. Part of this is apparently due to ETF’s but the other part of it is the chart has been improving for a while. But the chart is on a rocket ship higher.

Natural Gas has been soaring worldwide as Europe is paying 4x more than North America. The price below is for North America.

West Texas Crude Pricing broke out this week moving back above the 10-week moving average. This looks set to challenge the 5-year highs.

What has not broken out yet is the Solar ETF.

Copper is all lined up to break out.

As winter approaches, be ready for massive issues in power supply. We continue to have government inaction to approve new power generation, but we keep increasing demand worldwide.

This entire sector looks like the pressure relief valve is about to blow on these charts. Stay tuned! Here is an article I wrote on Monday about the Copper linkage. Green Energy – All Aboard ?!

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Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA