"I have thoroughly enjoyed your big picture view and the many charts you cover, I have learned a lot. Your advice has been timely and has made a positive impact on my portfolio. The choppiness this year has been challenging and hard to read where the best places to be and how long to be in. Dwight's charts have been an asset to your newsletter and once again I have enjoyed and profited from it as well."
- C. Scott, April 10, 2022
"I do not make any decisions until I have viewed and watched your videos. You have saved me, from my self, several times. Thanks for shedding the light on this market."
- Rory R, March 8, 2020
"I have been following Greg for three years. I count on his thorough technical analysis of the markets including the commodities to assist me in understanding the big picture. Greg is an outstanding technical analyst. Thank you for your insight."
- Dave D, March 8, 2020
"I have been an individual investor for over forty years. Greg's analysis and commentary are, hands down, the best I have ever seen. I have become a better investor since subscribing to Greg's investment service and I have both made, and saved, a lot of money by heeding his insights. Why do I find his work so helpful? ...his encyclopedic knowledge of the nuances of technical analysis, his humility and lack of self-promotion, his use of historical context to clarify current market behavior, his emphasis on capital preservation, his wide-ranging knowledge of equity, bond, currency, international and commodity markets, his ability to make complex concepts easy to understand"
- Lynn H, March 8th, 2020
"For years I was a self taught charter, trying to find my way through all the different indicators, moving averages, candlesticks, etc etc. I spent countless hours weaving my way through the multiple youtube pages, websites and listening to anyone that would talk about charting. After trial and error and clicking through countless links, I stumbled across some of your work. It made a lot of sense to me, a very broad look at the markets and sectors. Not only am I a member of your website now but I pretty much have jumped on the Schnell charting bandwagon and only listen to your teachings. You have changed my charting knowledge quite significantly, improved my place in the markets and I thank you for that."
- Nick S, March 5, 2020
"Just a note to let you know how much I have come to rely on your timely market info. Whether its a trend about to take off to the upside or an alert to let people know that the market is due for a correction.. You have helped me a great deal on timely entries and exits. Keep up the excellent work."
- Barry, March 5, 2020
"Greg I am a charter subscriber and am writing to thank you for your incisive commentary, timely investment ideas and encyclopedic knowledge about charting and markets. Membership at ospreystrategic.org has been the best investment decision I have ever made. The educational content alone is priceless, in my opinion. It is not lost on me just how much time and effort you must devote to sharing your ideas with your subscribers. So, again, thank you"
- Lynn H, August 10, 2020
"Greg, I have followed your work for many years, and your insight has not only steered me correctly in the Markets, but made and saved me in the turns and twists over many years! I cannot wait to read your work, and as you know, a faithful follower – you are one of the best in your business that I have found over my 50 years of investing!"
- Bob A, March 4, 2020
"The chart trails that you guide with are convincing and have led to probable outcomes since I have been a member. I had moved into cash & bonds before this February decline thanks to your work that saved me nearly 90K."
- Mark F, March 4, 2020
Greg’s is the rare service that hits the sweet spot of the right amount of information at the right time for my trading and investing. I value his analysis of the market, but even more, I’ve learned so much from him. (A well-worn copy his book is within reach, too!) I highly recommend following ospreystrategic.org for analysis and insight across asset classes and countries, a clean risk on/off view (the Schnell Strength Index), and the ability to quickly grip the market (via the newsletter) or dive much deeper (via weekly videos). Thank you so much!
- Dan K, September 5, 2020

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