A Complete Review Of Consumer Discretionary | Greg Schnell | Market Buzz

Greg works through the consumer cyclicals.

Are There Opportunities in Financials? (01.17) | Greg Schnell, CMT | Market Buzz

With the big banks reporting this week, Greg does a timely overview of the financial sector and shows some new clues on valuable industry rotations setting up. See what is getting left behind and two areas that look more compelling.

Technology Is Frothy Even With A Marijuana Sunrise | Greg Schnell | Market Buzz

The technology sector has surged to a rare level of momentum. This high level is typically associated with coming off major market bottoms. Hardly the case here. As well, the marijuana names started to pop this week. Greg looks at a few of the names starting to serve up a higher high.

A Stretched Index | Greg Schnell, CMT | Market Buzz

This week the $SPX reached a significant stretched condition on many measures. Looking over history, there are similar stretched setups like this after a year long run. Greg rolls through the history to show that the condition suggests being cautious as we go higher. Greg also walks into retail as Walmart and Costco start looking a little different.