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I know how stressful getting started investing through technical analysis can be. One of the beautiful things about charting is building investing habits that you can use over your lifetime for some great success, On the site under articles, you can find articles I have written for various companies. These are public articles and not as focused as the information provided for members. As a member, you’ll find a host of different themes and accessible points of interest.

Where to find the information on ospreystrategic.org

Let’s get started with a recent edition of the newsletter. The newsletter contains the top 10 things I am looking at to help decide where to put investing dollars. You will also find a link to a weekly one-hour video and a chartlist that you can look at the updated charts. The weekly newsletter comes out on Sunday and provides links to the video, the chart list and a current perspective on the market. You’ll find this on the weekly newsletter tab.

Within the website, you’ll find a tab called “Daily Setups”. Dwight Galusha, CMT posts some nice trade setups every day that are high probability setups. If you are looking for fresh ideas, this is updated every day. It is typical 3-5 nice setups per day. There is also a live link to the chart so you can see the current chart.

The weekly video is typically posted Saturday evening and you can find that on the weekly video tab. This weekly video is a run through the four asset areas of the market. Commodities, Currencies, Equities and Bonds. The purpose of the video is to help see a wide range of setups within the market across asset classes. By being aware of the macro picture, it can help us protect capital. I like to invest when the market has a strong backdrop, rather than be isolated to a few in the tech names.

At the beginning of every month, I hold a conference call and the connection information is within the last newsletter of the month. So the last week of this month, will have the date and time of the conference call the first few days of the following month.The monthly conference call video is on a separate tab on the website. Don’t worry if you don’t make it for the live recording as the replay is posted within the next day. Monthly Conference Call tab.

Send me an email at [email protected] if you need any help.

Good trading, Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA


ospreystrategic.org is an independent analyst website and does not invest for clients. Greg Schnell or other writers on the site do not collaborate to create a positive/negative market bias, nor are they paid to promote any particular stock or perspective. These charts and descriptions are not an instruction to buy or sell. You as a reader, are solely responsible for every investing decision you make. Greg Schnell and/or any of his companies or relationships with other companies, are not responsible for trades. Any other writers or content are not responsible for trades. The ideas presented here are opinion. Trading and investing involves risk to you and is solely yours.

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