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A lot of the breakout trades last week ended up as false breakouts. They continue to whip around, but eventually these will start to move. Continue to look at the old postings and click the links to get the current view of the charts. The breadth of the market has been improving, but it has been sluggish.

ChargePoint (NYSE:CHPT)

Trying to break horizontal resistance

These charging stocks keep teasing us with breakouts. I mentioned Blink the last few weeks. Chargepoint looks set as it breaks out from this bull flag at prior resistance.

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Working through the large volume by price bars.

Utilities are slow moving, as the scale on the right is in $0.25 increments. As we continue to get underdeveloped power grids and increasing demand, these charts can go on a run.

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Energy Fuels (TSX:EFR.TO)

Bouncing. Moving into the last large volume by price bar.

The recent thrust down on Monday looked pretty ominous. The volume candle doubled, getting rid of all weak holders. I like the rally here.

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Bloom Energy (NYSE: BE)

The volume by price bar is right at resistance..

The chart continues to trade just around this volume by price bar. I like the PPO moving above zero. A quick retest of the zero line on the PPO and a bounce up would be a very bullish long. With the hammer candle forming today, this may be the low, bouncing higher.

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GreenPower Motor Company (Nasdaq:GP)

The chart seems unaffected by the wobble in RIDE.

The stock has climbed off the May lows nicely. Now it is working above the volume by price bar after flagging for a week. The PPO momentum has just turned positive

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 SolarEdge (Nasdaq:SEDG)

SolarEdge is interesting but it is approaching the large volume by price bars.

SolarEdge filled the early May gap down but retreated at the largest volume by price bar. The stock pulled back and stabilized shortly after. Wednesday’s price bar looks encouraging and the TAN ETF (in the PDF charts attached) looks set up nicely. Watch for a break through the downtrend.

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NIO is backtesting the breakout.

NIO moved to a three month high and is pulling back to test the breakout level. It may need to consolidate here, but the backtest after breakout is a  great place to look for a long position.

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Keep looking at older posts. Some of those stocks are still in a range, but the setups can reestablish themselves.

EV Watchlist Scan Results

(stocks within the watchlist that are signaling signs of upward momentum)

Remember that you can click on these small charts to see the big ones.

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