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Stock of the Week – Shopify

Shopify has had a GIANT trend for the past three years, which we can see on the weekly chart. It’s looking BULLISH, and pretty with it starting from the bottom left going up to the bottom right. If you’re in this already, this is the kind of chart you’d like to see! 🛍⠀

For our institutes, we’re using four different moving averages on the chart, to see where it may pull back so we can jump in on this action. 📈

Stock of the Week – Expedia

These times have left us with exploring more local options for travel, and cancelling many dreamt of trips…how’s that effecting Expedia’s chart? 🗺⠀

We see the horizontal support and resistance line, broke below, however, it showed starting to break above it last week. The downtrend is starting to break AND the scooter ranking (what we call the sport rankings for stocks), is looking pretty GOOD!⠀

If travel starts to pick-up again (which we all have our fingers and toes crossed for), Expedia will be on the front end of that.⠀

Stock of the Week –

Why is it one of the BEST stocks out there?! The stock has been breaking above the prior resistance level at 195, and looks like its going up until the 200s, ready for its next leg. AND it has been outperforming the S&P 500 for the last year, and in the top half compared to its peers. With its momentum pushing higher, this is a great place to be!⠀

Stock of the Week – Twitter

Twitter is starting to bring out a pricing model, similar to what we saw with Facebook recently. We expect the stock to jump, when that pricing model comes out, to mirror what happened when it did for its partner, Facebook. If Twitter can stay above the support resistance line, we like it!⠀