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Weekly newsletters that will feature the top 10 charts of the week

A weekly video that summarizes the major moves in the global markets

Vital chart list that you can quickly look through with my top 30 charts at any given time

Monthly conference calls that are recorded and saved

Daily setup watchlists of stocks that are signaling the potential of upside momentum

The SetYourStop Slack Workspace

Access to the Schnell Strength Index

& Much More!

About Greg Schnell

Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA, is a Senior Technical Analyst at StockCharts.com specializing in Intermarket and commodities analysis. He is also the co-author of Stock Charts For
Dummies (Wiley, 2018). Based in Calgary, Greg is an active member of both the CMT Association and the International Federation of Technical Analysts.

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Private Investors

One of the hardest things for investors to do is to work consistently with technical analysis. Investors have thousands of options for approaching the market. Greg has built a following of thousands of people who have depended on or considered his ideas, suggestions and approaches to the market.

Our Exclusive Gold Status Includes:

The Weekly Newsletter

PDF file that will have my top ten charts of the week. This is to summarize all of the work I go through every week and give you the best information on market direction. This will also include my preferred opinion on the market: very aggressive, moderately aggressive, selective, defensive, very defensive. We want to be aggressive coming out of major lows. Theses runs can last a few weeks to months and perhaps more than a year. I will be investing in the same tone I am recommending.

Cutting Through The Clutter

Greg’s approach Is unique as to how he works through 100’s upon 100’s of charts per week and builds out a current map of the market. He summarizes the different asset classes into a comprehensive one hour video that help clients understand where to be focused in the market. There are different ways to be involved in the market and they all need a different strategy.

The Weekly Video

The weekly video which summarizes the major moves in the USA, Canada, rest of world (Global Markets), Commodities (copper, steel, rare earth metals, lithium, gold, silver, oil, natural gas and marijuana), Equities (stay in tune with the major moves, protect capital as well as aggressive entries near the lows to maximize profits), Bonds (3 month, 2 year, 5 year, 10 year, 30 year) and Currencies (a comprehensive look at the major currency pairs every week).

A Vital Chartlist

A chartlist that you can quickly look through with my top 30 charts at any given time. These charts will change as the market changes and will allow you to see the current status of charts I posted in the newsletter.

The Schnell Strength Index

The Schnell Strength Index, or SSI, is a group of indicators that signal directional movement of the market, made up of the short-term, intermediate, and long-term indications. The index was created to protect capital while allowing investors to stick with the market trend (ride momentum while defining downside risk).

A Daily Setup Watchlist

Members receive a focused “Daily Setup Watchlist” each evening of setups appearing on Dwight Galusha’s radar that are signaling the potential of upside momentum. It is a consistent source of profitable trading ideas that are intended to educate, highlight, and demonstrate how technical analysis is used to identify profitable trading ideas.

Once A Month Conference Call

This will be recorded and saved if you can not attend live but are still interested.

Osprey Opportunities

See the most recent market opportunities classified by themes such as Healthcare, Energy, Software, Aerospace, and more!

Educational Documents

​Understanding the big picture can be very helpful. For longer time frame investors that want to avoid the market completely during minor and major down trends this membership will help you immensely. You also want to be in when the big moves are starting and running. For those that want to rotate through the market from growth to defensive positioning to growth positioning and continuing to always be invested, you’ll enjoy this type of analysis.

Stock Charts for Dummies

A unique guide for beginning traders and investors, Stock Charts for Dummies will help you make sense of stock charts. Many trading and technical analysis books focus on how to use charts to make stock trading decisions, but what about how to actually build a chart?

Stock Charts For Dummies reveals the important stories charts tell, and how different parameters can impact what you see on the screen.This book will explain some of the most powerful display settings that help traders understand the information in a chart to find outperformance as its beginning.

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Meet The Team

Greg Schnell
Chartered Market Technician

Greg Schnell, CMT, MFTA, is a Senior Technical Analyst at StockCharts.com specializing in intermarket and commodities analysis.

Dwight Galusha
Chartered Market Technician

Dwight Galusha, CMT, is a Technical Analyst at OspreyStrategic.org. Focusing on US and Canadian equities with a systematic approach of identifying momentum and finding signals within a trend.